Having a stump ground out is a less disruptive and more effective alternative to removing the stump by digging it out.

Using our range of stump grinders we can remove most stumps to a depth of around 18 inches. The machines can fit through a gap of 26 inches and access many difficult areas. The stump grinder completely removes all roots.

Once the stump has been ground away the area is fit for replanting or re-seeding. The leftover mulch is also great for your garden!

We offer our stump grinding service as part of a tree removal or as a stand alone service if you have already had the trees removed.

  • Professional tree stump removal
  • Modern and efficient machinery in a range of sizes – we can access any area, even down narrow passages
  • Tree stumps removed to well below ground level
  • Any size of tree stump ground out
  • Minimum ground disturbance
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