At Tree & Garden Services, Grimsby, Lincolnshire we can work with you to make your garden an attractive place to be, using a wonderful range of trees and shrubs bought for you and planted in the correct, professional manner.

Planting new trees is not only good for the environment but benefits local wildlife too, giving food or a new home to birds, squirrels and more. Aside from the fact that trees are important to us humans, providing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, they can look pretty good too. Whether part of a landscaping project or to add some life to your garden, our talented team know pretty much everything there is to know about trees, and that includes how to plant different types, the best spots to plant them and when to plant them.

We can source and plant all species of trees in accordance with BS3998 and BS 4043. Trees should ideally be planted between October and March during a frost free period. We can also supply compost and fertilisers where necessary.

If you’d prefer us to carry out tree planting for you, then you’ve come to the right place. We carry out work to a high standard with a wealth of knowledge and experience that other Arboricultural Contractors call upon with work they are unable to carry out.

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We are a leading domestic based tree surgeons with fully trained and experienced consultants, climbers and ground staff.

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